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What is Monemetrics ?

Monemetrics is an automation platform that allows you to easily create and run trading strategies, With no coding skills required, It's meant for retail traders who have a strategy that they'd like to try out in the crypto markets.


Monemetrics aims to be the go to platform for financial automation and algotrading, lowering the barrier to entry that's required to run an algotrading operation, It's designed to stay out of your way by taking care of integration with exchanges, data feeds and uptime, Which gives you more time to work on your strategy.

Current Status

This is a work in progress so expect changes and features to be added rapidly as we ramp up to beta release.

Monemetrics is a tool, It doesn't make trading decisions on its own but simply it execute the strategy defined by the user in a reliable, consistent and efficient manner.

Monemetrics doesn't hold funds on your behalf, It only gets access to exchanges via API keys provided by you, the user. these keys can be revoked anytime.

Supported Exchanges

Team behind Monemetrics

Amr Magdy: Linkedin

M Yahya: Twitter, Linkedin

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